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PointOsale - Custom EPOS Software

Customisable and User-Friendly Till Software.

PointOsale Video Tutorials

Introduction Tutorial

A Short Guide, Quickly running through all the main features of PointOSale EPOS. (Total Running time 23:47, all four parts)

  1. Part 1 - An Introduction to... (06:47)
    Welcome Screen, Modes, Table Layout, Taking Order against a table/seat, Reservations, Normal use & Ringing Through, Clocking In/out, Configuration, Printer Set-up, Wipe-All Sales, Import Spreadsheets.
  2. Part 2 - Quick Look at... (06:05)
    Presence Management, Users, Security Roles, Editing Table/Seat Layout, Resources and Receipt Layout.
  3. Part 3 - Reports & Products overview (07:13)
    Sales Reports, Stock Reports, Label Reports, Stock Diary, Tax, Attributes, Categories/Groups, Setting up Products.
  4. Part 4 - Customers and Cash Quick Look (03:42)
    Customers, Z & X End of Day report, Cash-In/out Float in, Daily/Busy notes, Lookup up Old receipts & Refunds.


  1. Tutorial 1 - Floor Plans (08:46)
    Setting up the Floor Plan and Table/Seat/Booth locations for your Salon or Restaurant.
  2. Tutorial 2 - Setting Up Products (In Five Parts)
    (Total Running Time 27:41, all five parts)

    Setting up the Floor Plan and Table/Seat/Booth locations for your Salon or Restaurant.
    1. 2/Part 1 (06:19)
      Navigating Around The Product Set-up Screen
    2. 2/Part 2 (02:44)
      Deleting (or Not Deleting) Products
    3. 2/Part 3 (06:17)
      The Main / Basic Product Set-up Tab, and a bit about Barcodes
    4. 2/Part 4 (06:01)
      The Advanced Product Features on the "Stock" Set-Up Tab
    5. 2/Part 5 (06:20)
      Pictures, Buttons and Simple Offers (Longer version)
  3. Tutorial 3 - Auxiliary Items (08:46)
    Settings up Auxiliary items, for "Go Large" or selling Spirits with a dash of coke, Provides an upsell / additional item menu when you sell a product.
    This can also be used for Steak - Well done/Medium/Rare, or Apple Pie with Custard/Ice-cream, though Product Attributes provides an option for multiple lists that may be a better choice for this type of selection, see Tutorial Video 5.
  4. Tutorial 4 - Discount Buttons (05:27)
    Enabling or disabling the discount buttons, and setting the security levels for those same discount buttons.
    Give your customers 10% off, or any percentage you choose to type in.
  5. Tutorial Video 5 - Product Attributes (04:52)
    Setting a Pop-up Question when you sell an item.
    So for Steak you can create a question "How do you like your Steak?"
    With multiple choice answers Blue, Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Well-done, Cremate
    Puddings you can create a list such as: with Custard, with Cream, with Ice-Cream etc. Other uses could be, selection of vegetables with a meal, select Pizza toppings. For another option that allows extra costs to be added see our Tutorial Video 3 for Auxiliary Items.