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PointOsale - Custom EPOS Software

Customisable and User-Friendly EPOS Software.

PointOsale Video Tutorials

Introduction Tutorial

A Short Guide, Quickly running through all the main features of PointOSale EPOS. (Total Running time 23:47, all four parts)

  1. Part 1 - An Introduction to... (06:47)
    Welcome Screen, Modes, Table Layout, Taking Order against a table/seat, Reservations, Normal use & Ringing Through, Clocking In/out, Configuration, Printer Set-up, Wipe-All Sales, Import Spreadsheets.
  2. Part 2 - Quick Look at... (06:05)
    Presence Management, Users, Security Roles, Editing Table/Seat Layout, Resources and Receipt Layout.
  3. Part 3 - Reports & Products overview (07:13)
    Sales Reports, Stock Reports, Label Reports, Stock Diary, Tax, Attributes, Categories/Groups, Setting up Products.
  4. Part 4 - Customers and Cash Quick Look (03:42)
    Customers, Z & X End of Day report, Cash-In/out Float in, Daily/Busy notes, Lookup up Old receipts & Refunds.


The main screen in PointOsale is now laid out in a more touch-friendly manner, which utilises screen space better from version 3.9 onwards. Some of these videos show screenshots of the older versions of the software. The functionality of these screen remains unchanged, just an improved layout of the same functions (and in some cases the addition of extra new features).


  1. Tutorial 1 - Floor Plans (08:46)
    Setting up the Floor Plan and Table/Seat/Booth locations for your Salon or Restaurant.
  2. Tutorial 2 - Setting Up Products (In Five Parts)
    (Total Running Time 27:41, all five parts)

    Setting up Products and services for sale in your establishment.
    1. 2/Part 1 (06:19)
      Navigating Around The Product Set-up Screen
    2. 2/Part 2 (02:44)
      Deleting (or Not Deleting) Products
    3. 2/Part 3 (06:17)
      The Main / Basic Product Set-up Tab, and a bit about Barcodes
    4. 2/Part 4 (06:01)
      The Advanced Product Features on the "Stock" Set-Up Tab
    5. 2/Part 5 (06:20)
      Pictures, Buttons and Simple Offers (Longer version)
  3. Tutorial 3 - Auxiliary Items (08:46)
    This video applies to V4.93 or earlier only
    We recommend upgrading to v4.94+ to use the new Auxiliary Editor with the Product Editor screens, which self-intuitive, easier to use and includes built-in help.

    Settings up Auxiliary items, for "Go Large" or selling Spirits with a dash of coke, Provides an upsell / additional item menu when you sell a product.
    This can also be used for Steak - Well done/Medium/Rare, or Apple Pie with Custard/Ice-cream, though Product Attributes provides an option for multiple lists that may be a better choice for this type of selection, see Tutorial Video 5.
  4. Tutorial 4 - Discount Buttons (05:27)
    Enabling or disabling the discount buttons, and setting the security levels for those same discount buttons.
    Give your customers 10% off, or any percentage you choose to type in.
  5. Tutorial Video 5 - Product Attributes (04:52)
    Setting a Pop-up Question when you sell an item.
    So for Steak you can create a question "How do you like your Steak?"
    With multiple choice answers Blue, Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Well-done, Cremate
    Puddings you can create a list such as: with Custard, with Cream, with Ice-Cream etc. Other uses could be, selection of vegetables with a meal, select Pizza toppings. For another option that allows extra costs to be added see our Tutorial Video 3 for Auxiliary Items.


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