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What Is an LCD Inverter?

Without light, and LCD screen might as well be a paperweight. Many LCD screens use a cold-cathode fluorescent lamp that requires an inverter. Commonly known as a CCFL inverter, this component prepares the power connection of the DC power supply to work with the AC power requirements of the lamp.

The Inverter's Role

When a computer is plugged into the wall, it converts the power outlet's AC waves into DC. This works well for digital components, such as the motherboard, but it doesn't work for fluorescent bulbs. The inverter intercepts that DC power, and converts it back to AC power for use by the bulb that lights the screen.

Troubleshooting the Inverter

When the inverter breaks, it will look like the LCD has shut off. Looking closely, however, you'll still see that the display is still working, as images are still being rendered but are not illuminated.

Tests that help confirm

Firstly plug in one or two known good depending on the inverter bulbs Remember on a two bulb inverter if you only plug in one bulb it may not work; it may need the circuit to be activated on both outputs

If you don’t get the bulbs activated then the chances are it’s the inverter, or the input to the inverter

Secondly ideally check for the datasheet for the inverter with the system on is there the correct power to

  • VIN “voltage in” and ground normally first and last pin normally 12v but not always

  • And the activation pin normally 3-5v to ground

If these three pins are not working then it’s the mainboard and you can come to us for a full system repair

If they are correct, you can ignore the brightness input pin and you don’t have an output then it’s probably your inverter “probably but not guaranteed”

If in doubt send the system in for a fixed price repair by clicking on this link

Or you can go for an led upgrade just use the link above and use the addon for led upgrade during repair

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