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Posiflex JIVA KS-7417Z epos Repairs refurbishment support rebuil

Posiflex JIVA KS-7417Z epos Repairs refurbishment support rebuilds & refinishing


  • Available in 17” resistive touch screen, the KS-7417Z comes with Intel Bay Trail J1900 CPU for enhanced performance.

  • Just like other members of KS family, the KS-7417Z is designed to deliver uncompromising performance, aesthetics and quality


Install our software which has no annual or monthly fees, get rid of those subscriptions

Increase the speed of your system


  • Setup windows

  • Install drivers

  • Supply driver’s disk by download

  • Technical support

  • Epos systems are technical and you need a specialist and that’s where we come in.

  • We can often have you back up and running in an hour or so

  • Exchange units or upgrades available if needed


Any of these problems


Blue screen of death

System freezing

Software not up to the job, no longer want to pay monthly fees

Broken or faulty touch screen

Black screen, orange screen red screen

Upgrade to a new or better touch panel

Replace bulbs, Upgrade to led backlights

Refurbishing of systems, refinishing in any colour of your choice

Not powering on etc.


Is your system just going slow? Then we can probably vastly speed it up for you just ask