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J2 640 Epos till system repair refurbishment and refinishing ser

J2 640 Epos till system repair refurbishment and refinishing services


The J2 640 is an updated version of the very

successful 625. The hardware shows the same

design as the latter with updated electronics.

The J2 640 uses the Intel Baytrail J1900

2.0GHz quad core processor which runs 2½

times faster than the dual core D2550 used

in the former version. In addition, the J1900

processor supports Windows 7, POSReady

7, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Industry and

Windows 10.

The J2 640 also comes in standard with a PCT

touch screen, 4GB of main memory, and a

500GB Hard Drive or 32GB SSD.

The AURES 640 is proposed at the same price

as the previous version. It offers a VGA port,

USB 3.0 port and a total of 5 USB ports. The

system also supports a wide range a peripherals

including a 10.1 secondary display, line

display, MSR, RFID readers, iButton, finger

print reader and other peripherals.


Install our software which has no annual or monthly fees, get rid of those subscriptions

Increase the speed of your system


  • Setup windows

  • Install drivers

  • Supply driver’s disk by download

  • Technical support

  • Epos systems are technical and you need a specialist and that’s where we come in.

  • We can often have you back up and running in an hour or so

  • Exchange units or upgrades available if needed


Any of these problems


Blue screen of death

System freezing

Software not up to the job, no longer want to pay monthly fees

Broken or faulty touch screen

Black screen, orange screen red screen

Upgrade to a new or better touch panel

Replace bulbs, Upgrade to led backlights

Refurbishing of systems, refinishing in any colour of your choice

Not powering on etc.


Is your system just going slow? Then we can probably vastly speed it up for you just ask