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Aures ODYSSE II Epos Repairs refurbishment support rebuilds & re

Aures ODYSSE II Epos Repairs refurbishment support rebuilds & refinishing



Download the Odysse-II technical guide

I already have a software image prepared for the Odysse system. Can I still use this image on the Odysse-II system ?

No – You must create a new software image for the Odysse-II system, because the motherboard & chipset are different & the drivers are therefore not the same.

Is the cash drawer port address still the same for the Odysse-II ?

No – The cash drawer port address for the Odysse-II system is not the same as all the other Aures systems.
The address is now HEX 48C (decimal 1164), with a fire code of HEX 04.

Are there any changes to the customer display ?

No – The customer display is exactly the same & is still connected to Com4 (default settings: 9600,n,8,1)

Is the Odysse-II compatible with Windows 7 ?

Yes – The Odysse-II is fully compatible with Windows 7.
The Windows 7 drivers can be found on the current v2.01 drivers disk.

Odysse (previous model)

Is the Odysse compatible with Windows 7 ?

Windows 7 drivers are available for the Odysse system on the v1.4 drivers disk, but there is no driver for the VGA chip.
You can however use the default driver included with Windows 7, but it will not be possible to manage a dual display output.

How can I use the customer display ?

The customer display is internaly connected to the serial COM 4, with the default settings of ESC/POS mode, 9600 baud, 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity, no flow control. The the customer display will display its configuration when the system is powered on.

How can I use the customer display with Epson OPOS ?

After installing the Epson OPOS ADK, you will have an 'Epson2' directory under 'C:Program filesOPOS', which contains all the 'inf' files for the POS devices.
Before adding the customer display to the device list, you should go to the 'Epson2' directory & edit the 'LdDMD202.inf' file as shown in this image.
You can then add the customer display into the device list as a DM-D202.

Which touchscreen driver is installed under Windows XP?

You must first determine if your touchscreen is ELO or E-turbo
Both drivers are normally on the D: drive of the system, but they are also available from the download section of this website.
You must be sure to ONLY SELECT the RS232 option when installing the driver.

How can I use a cash drawer connected to the Odysse ?

The system communicates with the cash drawer port via an internal I/O address.
You must either use the OPOS driver from the download page or encode the address directly into your software.
The address is HEX 4B8 or decimal 1208. The fire code is HEX 01 & the reset code is HEX 00.
You can check your cash drawer ports using the test which is available from the utility section of this website.

How can I use a 2nd screen on the Odysse system ?

In display properties, you should extend your Windows desktop onto the 2nd screen.
VLC Media Player allows videos to be played full screen on the 2nd display.


Upgrades available or complete system setup windows install epos software install, most can be up and running with an exchange or upgrade offer in an hour or so

Full training and support given

  • Repairs spares parts for all systems including the following services

  • Blue screen of death

  • System freezing

  • Software not up to the job, no longer want to pay monthly fees

  • Broken or faulty touch screen

  • Black screen, orange screen red screen

  • Upgrade to a new or better touch panel

  • Replace bulbs, Upgrade to led backlights

  • Refurbishing of systems, refinishing in any colour of your choice

  • Not powering on etc.

If we cannot repair we will always allow a trade in exchange of your old epos system or just take your faulty unit and exchange it for a newer better system

We can normally have you back up running in a couple of hours or even faster if needed