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Aures POSEO Epos touch screen Repairs refurbishment support rebu

Aures POSEO Epos touch screen Repairs refurbishment support rebuilds & refinishing

The systems and equipment developed and manufactured by the AURES Group are the result of 27 years’ expertise and experience in the retail sector, most specifically at the point-of-sale.

The AURES POS concept emerged from an observation: latest POS technologies simply don’t go far enough, however advanced they may be.

Retail chains and leading brands increasingly demand choice not only in terms of hardware functionality but also of design, aesthetics and use of colour – so that image and corporate identity are not lost at the point-of-sale. Long neglected, these elements are key components of today’s immersive retail marketing environment.

Thanks to the AURES POS concept, the POS and its technology have now become an integral component of store décor. They play a valuable part in reinforcing and differentiating brand at, arguably, the most critical stage of the retail process - fulfilment and purchase.


Upgrades available or complete system setup windows install epos software install, most can be up and running with an exchange or upgrade offer in an hour or so

Full training and support given

  • Repairs spares parts for all systems including the following services

  • Blue screen of death

  • System freezing

  • Software not up to the job, no longer want to pay monthly fees

  • Broken or faulty touch screen

  • Black screen, orange screen red screen

  • Upgrade to a new or better touch panel

  • Replace bulbs, Upgrade to led backlights

  • Refurbishing of systems, refinishing in any colour of your choice

  • Not powering on etc.

If we cannot repair we will always allow a trade in exchange of your old epos system or just take your faulty unit and exchange it for a newer better system

We can normally have you back up running in a couple of hours or even faster if needed