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Aures 690 690l 600 Epos aures Spares, parts and accessories All

Aures 690 690l 600 Epos aures Spares, parts and accessories All aures, j2 etc spares available new if refurb or alternative solution not available

J2 690L Series 15" Touch Screen PoS Terminal.

The 690L is the J2 PoS Terminal that is derived from the 680L. Based on the Intel 4th generation dual core desktop processors, the J2 690L provides excellent high end performance. Equipped by default with the Intel Haswell G1820 2.7GHz processor, it is also available with Intel Haswell i3, i5 or i7 processors. The latter are low power and can be run in a fan on or fan off mode. The 690L Retail Terminal is designed for PoS.

As is the case with all Aures Retail Terminals, the 690L is designed by their own design team whose proven track record for designing innovative and outstanding retail technology is without equal. Aures EPoS Terminals have changed the conversation when it comes to the look and feel of the customer facing technology in-store.


We keep a vast range of spares, parts and accessories for all brands of epos systems

We can often repair parts that are no longer available or upgrade the old part you have for a better more modern option


Exchange units can often be arranged, if needed let us know your requirements and we will see what we can do.


Like LED backlights in your epos instead of your old worn out ccfl with inverter


If you contact us we will be able to advise on your best options


We keep in stock


  • Plastics, including case parts, which we can often refinish or repair to any type of finish or colour you need for your outlet

  • Touch screens, New or used

  • Touch controllers

  • Lcd inverters

  • Lcd panels

  • Hard drives, these can often be shipped pre-installed for your system ask us what options are available

  • Motherboards

  • Memory

  • CPU & Fans

  • Many epos systems which were originally shipped as fan less, were not really practical as fan less units, and we can often upgrade these to a fan cooled system where practical


Caddy and stands available stands can often be custom made to your requirements again just ask


We are the epos specialists, and will know all your possible options