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Kitchen Bump bar system, View kitchen or other orders on a touch

Kitchen Bump bar system, View kitchen or other orders on a touch screen control system in your kitchen or order management bench

View your orders on a second monitor so everyone in the kitchen can see them, and control from the touch

Dynamic solution to assist busy kitchens and chefs

Our bump bar terminals help chefs determine which food items to focus on, taking into consideration prep times of each so all items for the table complete at the same time. Screens at each chef's station present staff with all the information they need when and where they need it. This ensures that guests receive their meals together, freshly prepared, even when cooking times vary. All front of house staff have access to real time production information. Changes made to each item are indicated, ensuring staff know the status of their orders. Once orders are completed, they are automatically printed out and removed for immediate delivery

Features and Benefits

  • Faster service: A receipt with table numbers and seat assignments can be automatically printed at order completion.

  • Interactive: Sophisticated touch screen and easy access at any kitchen screen.

  • Easy to use: Tabbed view manages all information kitchen staff require.

  • Customizable graphical software: Managers can customise each kitchen station screen with user-defined colours, fonts and formatting.

  • You can have mulitple screens for different stations