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Setting up cashback on epos software

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Setup cashback
You need to setup cashback in a couple of places

You setup the system to allow cashback

Then you have to give each user level security access to give cashback

So lets setup the main cashback system first

Login as admin

Then admin button top right

Locations and settings at the bottom

Config sales operations II

Under surcharges

Make sure that the Ask to you want cashback is ticked and if there is a fee put in the fee, or remove it if you don’t charge a fee

So that is cashback set to be on.


Now we have to turn it on per user when you enable a feature you then have to tell the system who is allowed to use it

admin button top right

User and time management


Then you will be able to select each type of user role, and add them to allow them to do cashback

Under main on the roles for each level

tick allow cashback manual and save

Come out of the software and each security level you have had will now come up with the cashback window

All done

Remember security levels are loaded on startup so you will have to exit and restart the software on each system


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