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EPOS & industrial CCFL led daylight backlight conversion kit adj

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  • Model: EPOS & industrial CCFL led daylight backlight conversion kit adj
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EPOS & industrial CCFL led daylight backlight conversion kit adjustable brightness 6in to 30in 330mm strip

If you want us to fit and supply just select the fitting option on the box above and it will add the fitting charge to the cost of a single strip, the price is the same for double strips where we fit

For dual bulb order two double kits, for quad bulbs order a quad kit.

Tired of constantly replacing the CCFL backlight lamp again, again and again when the situation has no time for downtime? To extend its life and improving its performance, upgrading it to our LED backlight Kit it the best option.

As they are a solid state semiconductor device, LED has a longer lifespan, typically lasting 7X longer than CCFl Lamps.

The light is more of a daylight bright blue tinge light much easier to read in sunlight

  • 15” 308mm 60 led

  • 14.1” 308mm 60 led

  • 14” 290mm 57 led

  • 13.3” 275,, 54 led

  • 12.1” 274mm 54 led

  • 12” 258mm 51 led

  • 11” 240mm 48 led

  • 10.1” 220mm 42 led


  • Specifications:
    Material: LED + Electronic Component
    Light Colour: White
    LED Board Input: 9-25V
    LED Strip Size: 330mm*2mm*2mm / 12.99''x0.08''x0.08''(appr.)
    LED Board Size: 6.8cm*1cm*0.5cm / 2.68’’x0.39’’x0.20’’ (appr.)



  • For: 7'' 9'' 10'', 11'', 12'', 12''wide, 13'', 14'', 14''wide, 15'' 15.4''wide.

  • Brighter and more lifelike images.

  • LED backlight strip sets can update for LCD monitor and the light can be dimmable.

  • Direct replacement for LCD EPOS, industrial and Laptop screens that were originally equipped with a single, or double, or quad etc CCFL backlight lamps inverter.

  • Use one led strip and one inverter per bulb, just wire them in in parallel

  • By upgrading to this high brightness LED backlight, the luminance of white could reach as high as 700 nits and the luminance contrast ratio could reach as high as 1000:1.

Please note, due to the possibility of client’s wiring these in incorrectly there are no warranties on these items unless fitted by ourselves

They can be cut every three led’s it’s on the back, be careful not to short the strip on the case, don’t glue in with superglue? As it will conduct use double sided adhesive tape

 click on picture to open in new window

The inverters can be used individually or clipped together in bunches etc. again hold them down with double sided tape I tend to use tape about .5mm thick just to be safe


  • Obtain the inverter's pin assignment below
  • Connect Red wire to Positive DC
  • Connect Black wire to power ground
  • Connect yellow wire to "ENA" (Enable)
  • Connect Dimming to "ADJ"(0-3.2V)* (optional, we tend to leave this disconnected) less likely to make a mistake

LCD screen inverter has 4 functions:
VIN=Input Voltage. (Typically 12V DC) not to worry though our inverters will handle 9-24v
GND=Power Ground.
Enable=to turn the inverter on and off by Logic Board (Main board)
ADJ=Dimming control. Adjusting the brightness Level on LCD screen


Identify the pin Assignment is quiet easy:

Two easiest ways

Look up the datasheet, if you don’t have it please ask and I can try and find it for you

I will need the part numbers of the inverters, and ideally the model of lcd and epos its fitted into as I will probably have the datasheet of the epos system


Vision Inspection:
Some manufacturer do label the pin assignments on PCB (Printed Circuit Board), So, Please take a close look on your inverter’ Input connector.
Here are some of pin assignment pin definitions:
VIN=Input Voltage
GND=Power Ground
ENA=Enable or On/Off
ADJ=Dimming Control
NC=Not Connect


Vin and out are normally the first and last pin but not always


Once you find the vin and gnd you can check by meter, use the gnd to find the other pin that’s constant voltage around -5v that will be the enable pin

Normally that leaves one pin the dimming control, normally we just leave it disconnected but connect if needed


Simply wire in, replace bulb with led strip, attach with double sided tape reassemble and plug in





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