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on all orders over $50.00

Shipping & Returns

Where possible we try to ship within 48 hours but sometimes it can take longer to setup your systems

if in doubt please ask remember we configure the systems and set the software up specifically for you and this can take time and is a major part of your purchase

Please note EPOS systems are sold as trade to trade sales, and not sold on a trial basis.

They are configured specifically for your business, and the training and support is a major part of your purchase which of course is something you cannot return as it’s a service.

Support is 8-3 Monday to Friday on 0121 649 0881 Subject of course to staffing levels.

However if we can help outside that timing we will always try.

Our systems are normally incredibly reliable and we have very few problems with thousands of systems onsite, and we rarely see more than one repair every 4 or six weeks from our own systems

But we do have a full 3 months hardware warranty on everything else that is a physical item.

Any problems hardware related we can normally get you back up and running in an hour or so once we have the item back but they are really reliable and we have few returns